Festival X


November, 2022

At the end of 2022, The Likes Of You were engaged to run an Influencer campaign for Festival X that resulted in a reach of over 114 million followers across Melbourne, Sydney, Goldcoast, Adelaide, and Perth.

Our team was tasked with managing over 200 influencers, including 27 TikTok influencers, to create a cohesive and impactful campaign on both Instagram and TikTok.

The campaign began with careful influencer selection to ensure that we had a diverse group of individuals that would appeal to our target audience.

Once the influencers were selected, our team worked with them to create over 1,250 pieces of digital content to promote sales, drive click-throughs and build social followings. This included a variety of formats such as Instagram posts, TikTok videos, and Instagram stories. The content was designed to be fun, engaging, and align with the brand's messaging.

The influencers were also invited to attend and were given the opportunity to create content from the event that included a performance by Calvin Harris and Luude. This allowed them to capture behind-the-scenes moments and create unique, authentic content for their followers.

The content created by the Influencers reached over 114 million followers, resulting in 2,900 Instagram story clicks. Additionally, the brand saw a significant increase in website traffic and online sales during the campaign period.

207 Influencers took part in this campaign

1,250  content pieces were created

14,076,206 was the approximate total Instagram following  

1,514,939 was the approximate TikTok reach

2,989 story clicks were produced

Budget: $undisclosed

Overall, the combination of a diverse group of influencers, engaging content, and a well-executed event helped to create a buzz around the brand and drive measurable results.

The campaign serves as a great example of the power of Influencer marketing and the impact it can have on a brand's overall marketing efforts.

Looking to outsource your Influencer marketing in 2023? We build campaigns for all types of business and brands. Say hello@thelikesofyou.com.au

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