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We digitally elevate your business, building trust and recognition through Social Media, Content Creation, Paid Facebook ad campaigns, Influencers and Data.

The Likes Of You is a Melbourne based Digital Marketing, servicing Australia wide primarily but has also worked with clients in China, Hong Kong and Japan. We have successfully managed digital campaigns for brands such as Grainshaker Vodka, Shortstraw Cafe, Festival X, Onelove, Ninety Four Feet Property Group, MOREWINE, Top Shelf International and Two Wrongs.


Our mission is simple — we do what we love for industries and a city that we love.

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Influencer, Kol & Ambassador Marketing

A successful Influencer marketing strategy increases brand exposure, helps build recognition, and allows you to connect with new audiences at an accelerated rate. The Likes of You drives Influencer campaigns from beginning to end. We take charge of the entire procedure and ensure that you are connected with the right Influencer specific to your brand.

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Content Creation

At The Likes Of You, we know how to create engaging content that speaks to your audience. Utilising state of the art programs to build authentic and original content, we increase your brand awareness and customer engagement by combining words with your brand assets.

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Social Media Management

The Likes Of You can help your business develop and maintain a strong social brand presence. Our strategy involves nurturing your audience with a content-driven experience that leads to engagement and loyalty. We work across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, LinkedIn and other major social media platforms.

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Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Take advantage of the existing data compiled by both Facebook and Instagram, and fast track your connection with the right audience to start marketing to. Knowing how to do competition analysis, find lookalike audiences, and other Facebook and Instagram marketing strategies will help you increase your ROI for an effective campaign.

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Local Area Marketing

Local Area Marketing is an absolute must for any brick and mortar store. It gives small businesses the fighting chance to beat multinational companies on the search engine due to the advantage of location. Google wants to give its users the most relevancy, so if the user is searching for your product or service in a specific suburb, with the right Local Area Marketing strategies in place, your business could be displayed at the top of the search result.

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Event Management

Be it a product launch, new menu unveil, or publicity stunt, our decades of hospitality experience has put us ahead of the competition. From connecting you with a targeted guest list, sponsors and media opportunities to taking charge and running the whole event, the opportunities for success are endless. Our team is fluid and able to work with external parties, such as your event planner, to make your event memorable.

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Website Design & Development

From custom build landing pages to multiple e-commerce website solutions, The Likes Of You can work with you in building out the strategy and ensure the build is on brand, search-friendly, integrates with search and also captures relevant data for your consumers.

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Public Relations

Editorial and media partnerships are created and directed to work in unison with other forms of marketing. Publishing a piece in the right media platform can result in an influx in business demand, leading to growth. With the right information in front of the right eyes, the opportunities for success are real. From structuring your press release so it is irresistible to read, to creating a visual spectacle, our team of experts are ready to make your brand publicity stunt.

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Marketing To The Chinese Community

With an ever-growing audience in Australia, it is vital for brands to adapt to suit the Chinese local and tourist communities. The Likes of You can assist your business with setting up these essential social accounts. We also provide translation services for menus, public profiles, websites, landing pages, and other forms of media to help your business be seen by the Chinese community.


Frank Cotela



Festival X

“The Likes Of You did an incredible job connecting with over 200 Influencers across our shows in Australia over 1 weekend, it was a huge effort to manage and work across all the events.”

Zach Riggs



Two Wrongs

"I’ve have worked with The Likes Of You since their inception over several businesses ranging from hospitality and skincare, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough to anyone looking for professional and prompt service and amazing results delivered every time."

Ekeko | Toorak Road | Launch Event

Ekeko | The Soul of Peru


Grainshaker From Home X Australian Open | 2021



Punk Carla | Launch Event 2019

Punk Carla


Festival X | 2019

Festival X