Grainshaker X Australian Open | Influencer campaign 2022


Grainshaker / Topshelf International


January, 2022

6 Influencers took part in The Grainshaker AO X Venue campaign for 2022.

Australian made Grainshaker is the offical vodka for the Australian Open for the second year running. As well as having two mainbars within the precinct, Grainshaker was activated across participating venues in Melbourne

This Influencer campaign was built around Melbourne Influencers vlogging their day out at the AO and partner venues. Taking their followers on an adventure from start to finish while promoting Grainshaker as the official vodka of the AO and the Grand Slam Giveaway. Influencers ended their day at a participating venue where they enjoyed Grainshaker cocktail creations and some delicious food.


Here are the stats:


6 Influencers took part in this campaign

53 content pieces were created (a majority reels)

61,133 was the total post reach

12,328 was the total story reach

8,107 likes were generated

353 comments were made

103 clicks to landing page

2.97% was the average engagement rate

285,616 was the total follower count

Budget: $undisclosed

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