When Should Your Business Look to Outsource Their Social Media and Why

The Likes of You Social & Digital Agency Melbourne


April 10, 2023


Imogen Micklewright-Hill

The decision of whether to outsource social media management is a crucial one for businesses seeking to establish or expand their online presence. "The Likes Of You" has had the honour of partnering with a diverse range of entrepreneurs, managers, and leaders from various industries over the past four years across Melbourne and Australia wide.

From fledgling startups to established brands, we have witnessed the challenges that businesses face when managing their social media presence. While some businesses may have the bandwidth to manage their social media channels in the early stages of their business, others may struggle to allocate the necessary time and resources to achieve optimal results.

Are we saying every business should outsource their social media? Absolutely not, often it is not needed or is something a founder can manage whilst being in the start-up stage. However, here are the key reasons why well-established businesses, startups and founders come to us when they are wanting to outsource this area of expertise: 

1. Limited resources and time constraints: As a small to medium enterprise, you likely have limited resources and a small team. Your team members are likely already wearing multiple hats, which can leave little time for managing social media and content creation. Outsourcing to an agency can help alleviate this burden and free up time for your team to focus on other important aspects of the business. Also writing captions actually takes a really, really long time, just ask your intern (also don’t leave your social media up to your intern).  

2. Lack of expertise: Social media and content creation require a certain level of expertise to execute effectively. If you or your team members lack the necessary skills, it can be challenging to create content that resonates with your target audience. Don't be offended by this; we can't roast coffee, create a skin care line or design a 200-person restaurant and we don't want to either.  

3. Inconsistent or ineffective social media presence: Inconsistency can harm your brand's image and reputation. It looks lazy and scrappy. A potential client may look at a “dead” Instagram account and wonder if the business is even up and running. An agency like us can help you create a consistent brand image and tone across all social media channels. 

4. Limited budget: Hiring a full-time social media manager can be expensive for a small to medium enterprise. Outsourcing to an agency can be a more cost-effective option as you only pay for the services you require. Plus you get access to a group of specialists in their fields. 

5. Lack of time to keep up with social media trends and changes: Social media is constantly evolving, and keeping up with the latest trends and changes can be a full-time job. Lucky, we scroll Instagram and TikTok like it’s an Olympic sport, we also really enjoy it. 

Whether you are a Melbourne based business or interstate (how great is the digital age) looking to partner up with an agency like The Likes Of You, we would love to chat. Drop us a line at hello@thelikesofyou.com.au